Fulfillment Center RNO1 Fernley, Nevada, August 8, 2007.(IMAGE BY Ken James)

The new device from Amazon will change the world Fulfillment Center RNO1 Fernley, Nevada, August 8, 2007. (IMAGE BY Ken James)

Virtually all devices from Amazon are the best, if not, then one of the best in its class – though it concerns mainly “newsreaders” yes tablets. News Title gromoglasen enough, but about these words operate in the exiled representatives of their foreign press invitations.

To be precise, they report that a new product (which they called V1) “destroy” the current market for digital distribution of media content. At present it is difficult to assume that this will be, but there are rumors of a direct competitor to Apple TV, Google Chromecast and other devices to broadcast video and music. What can I say, if this gadget on their assurances, will be a much more important to the market than at the time those steel plates and readers Kindle-family. - копия

Nevertheless, we should not forget about the raging rumors about corporate smartphone that is also likely, as mentioned above, and the plates will work on a very heavily modified version of the mobile operating system Android, where the interface is changed beyond recognition, and instead of the usual Google services used by their counterparts from Amazon.

The event will be held on January 30 (in the invitation incorrectly specified in December), so the wait is nothing at all – stay tuned!

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