Dell Vostro 5470: affordable, enterprise-class ultrabook based on Intel Haswell

Dell announced the ultrabook Vostro 5470 relating to the corporate line of the American manufacturer.

Notebook PC comes with Intel Core i3 processors and i5 fourth generation (Haswell). Capacity solid state drive is 128 GB, the maximum amount of RAM – 8 GB.

The screen pattern can be a touch screen and conventional. The resolution in both cases is 1366 x 768 pixels at a diagonal of 14 inches. Treatment schedules can be assigned to a discrete nVidia adapter with 2 GB of memory, but the cheapest version of the Vostro 5470 will have integrated core.

The developers note that some elements of the notebook – for example, the space for hands – made ​​of aluminum. And the new product reinforced loops with which the screen is attached to the housing.

Among other features we mention the fingerprint scanner and a large touchpad with gesture support.

Dell Vostro comes with the operating system Windows 8.

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