Chrome is friends with touch screens

Google will soon add to its popular Chrome browser a new opportunity – this time he will learn to interact with touch screens. This is confirmed by the fact that in the latest test version of the browser already has a feature tabs scrolling by holding your finger on the touchscreen.

It is clear that only one “swipe” is not limited to – Google certainly has built into Chrome support multiple simultaneous touches, for example, to zoom in on the page in the same movement that is used in all smartphones, that is “pinch» (Pinch to Zoom).

To all this is added full support for the on-screen keyboard – this function is already working on Windows 8. In Chrome, it will be activated by placing the cursor in the text box anywhere on any web page. Perhaps in the future there will be also additional features, but Google has not yet particularly strongly about it spreads.

The reason for touch-release version of Chrome browser for desktops and laptops, obviously, is the proliferation of models with touch screens. This is particularly true of mobile PCs, as touch screens for desktop computers are not yet a great deal. For example, the same Chromebooks Google Pixel comes complete with a touchscreen.

At the same time it should be recalled that the suppliers of mobile PCs, to put it mildly, unhappy with the promotion of laptops with touch screens – their sales considerably lower in comparison with the forecasts of analysts and producers themselves.

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