The cost of the tablet Acer Iconia W3 reduced

Following the reduction in the price of the plates Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface RT, to reduce the cost Iconia W3 announced the company Acer.

This tablet was announced a couple of months ago, and the opportunity to pre-order it appeared in the beginning of June. 32-GB version of the Acer Iconia W3 initially offered at a price of $ 380. Now you can purchase it for $ 299.

A discount of $ 80 can be explained by the desire of the company to accelerate the sale to make room in storage for the upcoming successor, and the fact that the tablet is not in demand because of the inflated prices and Acer has decided to revive its implementation.

Acer Iconia W3 is the first tablet running Windows 8 Pro, made in a more compact 8-inch form factor. However, dual Intel Atom processor provides sufficient speed of operation.

The device has received mixed reviews because of what the majority of potential buyers has decided to postpone the purchase of new items. Many of the complaints related to the quality leaves much to be desired display. Will the price decline Iconia W3 brighten shortcomings tablet, time will tell.

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