Burglar stole the Australian online bank Bitcoins worth more than $ 1.2 million


One of the services that provides storage services and the use of virtual coins Bitcoin , subjected to attacks that result in an attacker managed to steal more than $ 1 million from the accounts of the owners of purses.

The owner of the online bank Bitcoin Inputs.io nick TradeFortress native to Australia (if you believe the registration data) reported in a statement that, due to hacker attacks in late October from the accounts of thousands of people have disappeared 4,1 thousand virtual coins (BTC), which is equivalent to more $ 1.2 million

Resource Wired Australian entrepreneur said the attacker used to attack social engineering techniques. In particular, he was able to compromise the chain of e-mail accounts and reset the user password on the Linode.

To the great regret of those who used Inputs.io, the nature of Bitcoins is that they are unlikely to recover their savings. All transactions in the Bitcoin network are stored in chains of blocks, each of which contains a history of financial transactions, but keep track of the identifiers of real people is almost impossible. The experts constantly warn users that store huge amount of Bitcoins is always safer in the “cold” storage. In other words, store Bitcoins in offline mode when the wallet does not have a connection to the web.

Unfortunately, the service Inputs.io not found the need to use exactly this method to store Bitcoins their clients, allowing an attacker to gain access to the wallets of people.

After the incident, many people accused of stealing Bitcoins site owner Inputs.io, but the latter denied this statement. He also said he plans to repay more than 1.5 thousand BTC from their own savings. That Inputs.io was subject to hacker attacks became known only after the Bitcoin exchange rate has overcome last week above $ 300.

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