Badland developers have announced the beginning of porting the game to Android

Typically, the devices on the Android get a powerful “hardware” and multi-core processors, however, despite the stunning performance, Android often deprived of some interesting games, or do they come out with a long delay. On Wednesday Frogmind – a team consisting of two people and create a game Badland, has announced that in the near future porting popular side-scroller on Android.

In the event, in case you have not heard of Badland, it’s a platformer in which you control a flying black drops and help them to overcome the level. This may sound a bit boring, but believe me, in fact, play a rather interesting, sometimes difficult and very addictive. She even won several awards at the Apple Design Award.

While there is no specific launch date, but when Badland appear, we will let you know. To understand what this game is, look gameplay video:

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Look a video from russian roads:

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