Apple will release two more betas before the release of iOS 7 GM-version in September

Apple will release two beta version of the mobile platform iOS 7, reports BGR. Publication accurately predict time-to the third and fourth beta of the new operating system , Has received information that the release of GM-iOS version 7 is scheduled for September of this year. Before that, in August, allegedly, the company will release two more test build – iOS 5 beta 7 and iOS 6 beta 7.

Release iOS 4 beta 7 took place on Monday evening. The new assembly company has added new features, but concentrated on the visual user interface improvements , correction of previously identified errors and increasing productivity. Previously, many of the features in iOS 7.0 got a lot of criticism because of their “loose” on the existing hardware.

The public version of iOS 7 will fall. According to BGR, in “Seven” is just a six-beta builds, although iOS 6, there were only five. It is reported that Apple has scheduled two more betas, followed by a release of the “gold” build.

“I heard about the preparations for internal testing firmware GM1. She got the bug status of zero-priority-1. This means that the operating system Apple remained critical errors. Of course, in the process of testing can detect new bugs and, most likely, the company will release several pre-release versions of the Gold Master firmware publicly available before the advent of the status of GM », – written by Mark Gurman.

Gold Master, recall – is the final build of the OS that comes before the public release of iOS with the following goals: ultimate refinement of applications under the new firmware and the search for the last unresolved bugs. Roughly GM appear in the second half of September.

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