Apple Watch in London, Paris and Hong Kong

Apple Watch in London, Paris and Hong Kong

Apple Watch in London, Paris and Hong Kong

On Friday realized clearance of pre-orders for Apple Watch. Retail strategy against Apple smart hours differs significantly from methods. And methods of selling other company’s products. In addition to retail stores, Apple Watch can be found in not quite the usual places. Let’s, where before Apple products not sold at all. These are small shops in the most prestigious department stores in London, Paris and Hong Kong. Journalists portal TheVerge visited each of them.

Apple Watch in Isetan, Tokyo

When I approached Isetan. This is a huge department store in the busy business district of Shinjuku. I saw a big line of people. When I came closer. It was found that at least half of the people – is reporters and photographers. So actually I was in the queue sixteenth. Line of people kept growing, and at 10:30 am we were inside a dark corridor.

Apple Watch in London, Paris and Hong Kong

Next, the two columns were formed. One for those who would like to enroll in a fitting device. The second – for those who just want to look at the device in the store. This scheme has confused many people. It turned out that the example of Apple Watch will not work. All time is scheduled for late evening. As a result, some desperate buyers have moved to another queue. To view even on the clock.

The shop is a black box on the background of a well-lit store. Situated near the store Cartier. And that reminds most brilliant and attractive place in the world. The walls are decorated with photos of glowing hours. And in the profiling clock adorn the walls. On the tables laid out various models of Apple Watch and straps. In the shop, there is nothing superfluous. There were a lot of curious fans of Apple. The audience was mostly men.

Apple Watch in Galeries Lafayette, Paris

Apple Watch in London, Paris and Hong Kong

I did not know what to expect when I arrived in the morning on a motorcycle to “Gallery Lafayette.” Prestigious, and filled with tourists department store in the center of Paris. I thought that the scene is unlikely to be the as violent picture, as in the early days of the sale of iPhone. However, I decided to get up early to avoid crowded. As a result, I was in the store at 8:15 am, 45 minutes before it opened. Red velvet ropes and metal fences were placed in front of one of the entrances. And surrounded by a group of employees crowded, dressed all in black. There were two men about 20 years. The first was a Chinese engineering student. He lives in Germany, the second lanky Belgian software developer. Both spent the night near the entrance to the store.

As well as those with whom I spoke earlier. Both have already decided that buy Apple Watch. Not counting Apple employees who came to the event. There were locals and vacationers. They came to try on the device. An elderly German with whom I later spoke. He said that he had ordered his watch 14-year-old son. In the first minutes of the beginning of registration of pre-orders.

Apple Watch in London, Paris and Hong Kong

All guards patrolled the area in bright orange vests. Although the people were few. By the time, the doors opened shop. There were about 40 people. Apple employees had all inside. And asked to take the escalator to the second level. There we met the rest of the staff. The predominant part of the clients were male. Distinguish journalists from fans “apple art” was virtually impossible.

Shop Apple Watch relatively small. The four sections of the long wooden tables. Watches were placed under glass along the wooden tables. Some of the samples were in the public domain. Each section is divided branded high walls. It’s hard to call the store opening in the Galeries Lafayette something enchanting. And almost everyone who was there that morning, not seduced by buying hours. While Apple is confident that the most dedicated fans of apple products have already made their choice in favor of Apple Watch.

Apple Watch in Selfridges, London

Apple Watch in London, Paris and Hong Kong

I drove up to Selfridges at 8:30 am. Usually, I go to the store. Just because I can not afford to buy a $ 3,000 leather jacket or a watch. And that is worth more than my house. But today I’m here to try Apple Watch Edition for $ 17,000. Outside, I noticed the guards blocking the entrance to 9am. Gradually forms the beginning of all people. I managed to get in among the first. Journalists, too, did not miss the opportunity to get into the store first.

Once inside, you immediately realize that was exactly in the Apple Store. The walls are decorated with the company logo. The Clock located on the long wooden table in the center of the room. Shop decorated with tall trees, and in the windows – cut from paper butterflies. Here, in contrast to most retail stores Apple. You can not just go and try the device. All the Apple Store were eight demo stations. But the clock is locked to the supports. There are iPad-s that are in similar blocks of plastic. It let you know about the basic functions. And the possibility of different models of Apple Watch.

Apple Watch in London, Paris and Hong Kong

In special tables with drawers bedside tables stored only Sport and Watch. In order to try Watch Edition. You need to go to a separate room. Unfortunately, even if you have decided on the watch model. Buy model (at least) at the beginning will only be online. Apple Store employees help download the application and pre-order.

I was the first to apply the day the most expensive collection Watch Edition. Special box, the same exclusive, as the device itself. The box was delivered to the place of fitting. I tried both models 38 and 42 mm. And I can say with confidence that each of them looks like a golden collection of Apple Watch. Apple Watch Edition does not resemble something unique or premium. Perhaps most of all I was amazed that use the watch on his wrist is impossible. You can only use the demo units that are on the counter. However, those who really find $ 17,000. They are unlikely to be a long time to learn the functionality of hours. While in the store, they just buy a watch.

Source: TheVerge

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