Apple TV can get updated on September 10

If we believe the company Panjiva, engaged in monitoring global trade at the upcoming presentation, Apple may introduce a new generation of Apple TV or any other product associated with television.

The company found false, according to which in August, Apple won three cargoes from its Chinese supplier BYD Precision Manufacture. In the bill, dated 11, 18 and 25 August, according to the receipt of “set-top boxes with a communication function”. Cargo weight ranges from 7 to 18 tons, from which we can conclude that if we are really talking about Apple TV, then the total volume of shipments is equivalent to about 90,000 set-top boxes.

Unfortunately, no information about the weight and dimensions of each product are not reported, as well as about the number of the product. Therefore, it is possible that we are not dealing with the Apple TV, and a previously unknown device from Cupertino . It is possible that this is a standard delivery models available, although Apple TV still has the time came updated. third generation of consoles came out almost six years ago, and although this year the Apple TV has received an updated model with a modified A5 processor, you can hardly call this new iteration of the device.

According to the materials

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