Apple accused of violating workers’ rights in China

Chinese human rights activists say that in three plants of one of the largest partners of Apple Pegatron Group in China violated the rights of workers. According to statements by New York-based China Labor Watch , The company has flagrantly violated a number of international and national laws and standards.

New charges of the NCB are the same as before – the use of underage workers, as well as overtime which is not paid. Apple and Pegatron said they are familiar with the report of China Labor Watch and immediately started to check this information.

Recall that before the Chinese human rights activists literally attacked Foxconn – the largest partner of Apple, after workers at the company have made a series of suicides. Then the non-profit organizations have said that Foxconn hires students from rural areas underpaid them, the practice of using overtime and other violations of the permit.

Today the site China Labor Watch published a statement Lee Kang, director general of the organization, who said that the facilities of Pegatron violations “even worse than Foxconn». According to him, at the company employs workers under 16 years old, and the average time per week is 69 hours. In addition, Lee said that the factories Pegatron conditions are such that about 30 out of every 110 workers do not stand on the job for more than two months and are fired, so in the company of a giant staff turnover.

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