Appendix Black + White Camera to create a black-and-white photo is available for free

Black + White Camera HD – a very simple application for the iPhone and iPad, the main function of which is to create a black-and-white photos. The program is compatible with both iPhone and iPod touch And with the iPad. Cost of Black + White Camera HD in the App Store is 66 rubles. However, now you can download the app for free.

In the App Store there are a lot of programs that can apply a black and white effect to any photo. Most of them are just inflicts on ready color images. Black + White Camera HD is different in that creates a picture in black and white. In other words, the superposition effect occurs in real time, and the user can see in advance how a particular frame will appear in this format.

Black + White Camera HD was developed by SixAxis LLC. The application allows you to take pictures with three preset settings. All the frames are stored in the standard library of iOS. The program can not only remove the black / white photo, but the effects are applied to the existing image.

The operating system iOS 7 adds function to create a black-and-white photos in real time. And for those who are waiting for this are not yet available for general users the option, Black + White Camera HD can be an excellent alternative.

So, some of the key features of Black + White Camera HD:

  • ease of use;
  • simple and intuitive user interface;
  • the ability to create black-and-white images in real time, or apply effects to existing images;
  • photos are saved to your library iOS;
  • you can create a square photo in Instagram.

For a limited time, Black + White Camera HD can be downloaded for free . In the future, the application will be available for $ 2.

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