helmet Skully AR-1

Android on the entire head helmet Skully AR-1

helmet Skully AR-1

Every fan of the operating system Android knows that its share has long exceeded 80 percent of the smartphone market. It is clear that the leadership of this system does not threaten absolutely nothing: in addition to strengthening positions in existing industries, green robot also comes out and new markets. The proof of the last assertion is a motorcycle helmet Skully AR-1, which, according to the manufacturers, has revolutionized means of passive protection of the head. What are its main features, and most importantly, how to get along in this unusual Android accessory? Let’s find out.

Start, as befits worth afar. Compared to motorists, motorcycle owners have some advantages. We are talking about the greater maneuverability and fuel economy. However, there are disadvantages that are expressed in the less comfortable of GPS-navigation and the limited review of the mirrors. This is what has motivated developers Skully create what they’ve created.

helmet Skully AR-1

Skully AR-1 – a motorcycle helmet, running an operating system Android. His main task is to facilitate the travel of the proud owners of motorcycles. This is done with the help of several high-tech solutions.

First of all – a 180-degree rear view camera, which will continuously show the situation behind the driver in the lower right corner. Obviously, the need to use mirrors in such a case the per se.

In addition, it is worth mentioning the presence of a GPS-navigator, showing hints directly faced with the need of their performance. Made it, which is natural, to increase the concentration of the driver on the road and not in the picture before his eyes.

Finally, support for Bluetooth, so the user will be able to answer incoming calls and listen to your music.

Management Skully AR-1

Management Skully AR-1 is carried out by means of a voice. However, we can not exclude the possibility of new ways of interaction – the developers were granted SDK, which means a likely increase in the number of new applications.

The project was funded indifferent visitors one of the most popular sites. According to our colleagues from 9to5google, cost of the device for pre-order is $ 1,299. Online Skully appears only in May.

Do you have the prospect of the introduction of Android in motorcycle helmets and other such accessories? Share your opinion in the comments.

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