Analyst: iWatch will be sold faster iPad

Smart watches from Apple, which are expected to be called iWatch , have not even seen the light, but it does not prevent analysts predict sales vengeance future devices. According to Business Insider, citing a specialist reputable company Morgan Stanley, for the first year after the presentation of approximately iWatch Apple can earn new gadget $ 17.5 billion – more than four billion dollars per quarter. Quite well for the enhancement, is not it?

As an iWatch experts called price 299 dollars. By simple mathematical calculations can be found projected amount of realized hours per year – 58.5 million units.

A lot or a little? Yes, Apple now ships more than 50 million iPhone in just one Christmas quarter, but in the first year after the announcement of smartphones brought her total 2.5 billion dollars in revenue. At the same iPad figure was several times better – $ 12 billion.

If you look at a graph of supply devices (vertical axis) of the number of blocks that have elapsed since the presentation of each of them, you will notice that the new Apple products traditionally sold faster than the old. To overcome the mark of 100 million smartphones sold, iPhone needed 17 quarters, while iPad coped with this problem for 9 quarters.

Analysts expect the emergence iWatch will make a splash at the market and potential buyers flee headlong to the nearest Apple Store for a couple of hours steep. Therefore, we will be able to sell 100 million iWatch a year and a half.

But it’s not only that. Since the release of iPad has passed quite some time, and many have already got this “army” gadgets Apple, including the iPhone, Mac and even Apple TV. ITunes now has 575 million users, while at the time of launch of the iPad were created 120 million accounts. Believe me, they are unlikely to abandon such an accessory, so even with the “apple” on the rear panel.

After such forecasts will be strange if Apple does not want to once again conquer the market of smart watches .

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