Apple is hiring a specialist in sleep

Apple once again expanding its staff. In the company invited Roy Dzh.E.M. Reimann of Philips Research. It is assumed that the specialist will work in a team iWatch.

Why is it so decided to press? The fact that Reimann long time worked on sensors, readers vitals users, and specialized in the study of sleep. Among the professional interests of the employee newfound American manufacturer was listed observation of human behavior in the opposite state to wakefulness, assessment of physiological changes during the night and the development of appropriate technologies.

Such competence perfectly fits into the fabric of rumors that flooded the Internet recently. In particular, the experience of the specialist fit with the data that the iWatch will not just hours, and full-featured peripheral device for monitoring health. It is assumed that the gadget will monitor critical vital signs of its owner and interpret them.

If this is true, and the product can not only count the steps passed and burned calories, but also to measure heart rate, blood pressure readings to clarify, determine the composition of blood, without an analysis of the quality of sleep just can not do it: First, sleep has a significant impact on the human condition, and secondly, the market already presented several ideas, studying the behavior of night homo sapiens, and it would be foolish to fall behind.

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