Amazon is working on a smartphone with 5 cameras and analog Chromecast

Amazon has decided to take a strong position on the market of mobile electronics and runs on low-cost smartphone, smartphone with five cameras and analog Chromecast – FireTube. This was announced on his website TechCrunch, citing anonymous sources.

Let’s start from the beginning. Cheap Amazon smartphone will give an opportunity to promote their services by offering aid to everyone for free or at a very low price.

The second gadget is codenamed FireTube and will be a competitor Chromecast from Google. It is not entirely clear what the users will get bonuses from the use of this device: either it will be advanced features , such as support for not only the Fire OS, but with iOS and Android, or a very low price. We are waiting for the official announcement.

The most interesting is the message that Amazon will introduce its own phone with five cameras. 1 camera located on the back of the phone and will perform , in addition to the standard image and video , feature recognition of objects and find matches in the store Amazon. 4 additional cameras will be located on the front of the corners of the phone. By tracking the position of the eyes and the head of the person they will handle and display the 3D- image, which is equally well be seen from any point of view. In addition , the cameras provide the perfect job face recognition system and unlock the phone.

The date of the announcement and specifications have not been announced yet.

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