Samsung is preparing a limited batch of Galaxy Note 3 with flexible displays

Galaxy Note 3 may occur with a flexible display, but in limited quantities. Word of this spread Korean media. According to their sources , Samsung is actively negotiating with third-party developers such displays, and perhaps, the first batch will be available in November this year. This is despite the fact that the technology is still in its infancy.

Until now, for the right to be the first in this area and take the smartphone segment with a flexible screen struggled Samsung and LG. Some have predicted the emergence of this type of display in the LG G2, but that did not happen. Now all the attention is directed to Samsung, which can become a driving force in this area and is very suitable for this role.

Recall that the actual prototype with a flexible display, Samsung has been demonstrated at CES 2013. Then the company has demonstrated a flexible display Youm. Display size was 5 inches, aspect ratio – 16:9, resolution – about 720p. It should be noted that to demonstrate a prototype layout was more because they do not support mobile communications, it did not have cameras, as well as many other functions.

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