Acer vying for the CES Innovation 2014 Design and Engineering Award Honoree with Aspire S7 and R7

Acer has focused heavily on his Aspire R7 last June, it is undoubtedly a terminal unprecedented and particularly interesting for the technical choice of the hinge, able to rotate the screen 180 degrees and fold thanks to its central extension. Unfortunately, we must also point out that its marketing has had a moment of crisis and an apparent delay, the timeliness of the house Taiwanese was not optimal given the choice (initial) R7 launch of Intel’s Ivy Bridge platform with the third generation, a few days after debut then chipset Haswell.

Nothing irreparable, Acer has in fact Aspire R7 updated with new processors , moreover, capable of ensuring greater autonomy than in the past, a move that will place a pessa important for one of the most special of 2013. The upgrade to Haswell has affected in the past months also among the top range ultrabook Acer Aspire S7 , equipped with 13.3-inch display and WQHD resolution 2560 × 1440 pixels: design of superior even in this model, which differs slightly from the previous S7 for what concerns the aesthetics.

Acer has nevertheless done a great job with both the end and say it is not only we, the jury of the ‘Innovations 2014 Design and Engineering honoree has indeed entered both in the category Computer Hardware & Components, along with other devices such as Flex 20 Lenovo, Asus Transformer Book Trio, Zenbook and Recline HP Envy 23. We will see what will be the winner of this particular competition that surrounds at CES in Las Vegas, in addition to the fact desgin must convince buyers with a competitive price and technical characteristics that can compete with everyone.

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