8-inch tablet Lenovo Tab S8-50F review

8-inch tablet Lenovo Tab S8-50F review

8-inch tablet Lenovo Tab S8-50F review

This 8-inch tablet was presented at the international exhibition of electronics IFA 2014. Both external and inside, the gadget does not supernaturally endowed. However, there is a category of devices that creates a feeling that this is your unit, despite all the shortcomings, and of dignity, respectively. This seemed to us about Lenovo Tab S8-50F – budget tablet with a nice design and big name producer.

Scope of delivery

The package includes the pen tablet, the AC adapter cable Micro-USB, instruction and special support from environmentally friendly material.

Design – Lenovo Tab S8-50F

The housing is turned edgy and quite ordinary in appearance. This is a typical working day for each machine, whose mission – to facilitate the user’s life and make it more comfortable. However, informality can be noted in the color design of the tablet, as the manufacturer suggests, in addition to the standard black, still bright yellow, blue and white colors. It looks very nice and elegant, especially the last color.

Lenovo Tab S8-50F very compact and not too heavy plate. Its thickness is 7.9 mm, the length and width – 123.8 and 209.8 mm, respectively. Gadget weighs 299 Corpus plastic, and the back cover is rubberized coating additionally, groping like a soft touch. Here the manufacturer to “mark” a large logo, eye back camera with flash, in the upper left corner, and brief information on the device, present in the bottom of the tablet.

8-inch tablet Lenovo Tab S8-50F review

On the front panel, in addition to the display, a pair of speakers, the lens front webcam, and another company logo.

As for the assembly, it is quite decent, but the quality of the materials used is not happy – plastic is not sufficiently strong and too flexes under pressure. We think the user will have to think seriously about buying a cover.

Display, sound, webcam

The tablet is equipped with an 8-inch display with a resolution of 1920×1200 pixels. It is protected by a glass with anti-reflective coating, so that the work in bright light is comfortable enough. There is also provided oleophobic layer, which is struggling with fingerprints. The maximum value of the luminance is about 405 cd / m2. This is good, and in combination with anti-reflective coating provides a convenient use of the tablet even in the sun. However, the automatic brightness control is not here, everything must be done manually. The display has good viewing angles due to matrix IPS, at any angle of inclination of the device image is not inverted. However, color accuracy is not ideal, but the budget structure to complain about sin. By the way, the touch screen surface is quite sensitive, touch screen supports 10-finger multitouch. In general, the display device is really good. Definitely, Lenovo cares about their customers.

A pair of front speakers, located at the top and bottom of the front panel, works in tandem with the technology of Dolby Audio. The sound quality can be called, as it successfully combines frequency, and even bass, which is rare for a tablet. However, at maximum volume the sound begins to vibrate, and speakers can overlap with your fingers if you hold the device in landscape orientation. The rest of the speakers, Tab S8-50F deserves praise.

Front 1.6 megapixel camera works very well, offering decent resources for self and video.

The rear camera has already 8 megapixel matrices, autofocus and flash photography. This module works great as for the budget tablet. The camera performs well detailed, full of images that are not ashamed to even put in a social network.


8-inch tablet Lenovo Tab S8-50F review

Since the tablet runs on an operating system Android, the touchpad has a very standard form. In portrait orientation, the key bit too small, and a number of digital have to call a single button.


In Lenovo Tab S8-50F operating system Android 4.4.2 KitKat and lots of preset programs, for example, Security HD, which blocks ads and adjusts the resolution programs.

The “heart” of the device is a 22-nm SoC Intel Atom Z3745 with a maximum frequency of 1.86 GHz and the second-level cache of 2 MB. It has four x86-processor cores energy efficient platform Bay Trail-T and integrated graphics HD Graphics (Bay Trail). Performance chip is low but sufficient for most tablet games and everyday tasks performed by the tablet. The downside is its budget SoC low power reserve for the future because the main competitors NVIDIA, Qualcomm, MediaTek and so on. Literally every quarter release something new and more productive.

The amount of RAM is 2GB tablet – very bad for a budget device! Thus, the page in the browser quickly, and the system does not hang even with multiple tabs open simultaneously. The internal memory eMMC is relatively modest, although not minimal by today’s standards – 16 GB. However, the microSD card can rectify the situation because the supported cards up to 64 GB. By the way, on sale you will not find a modification of the tablet with a large amount of flash memory.

Ports and Communications

Port selection is minimal, which makes sense for a budget device. Headphone jack submitted to the upper end, which is very convenient – so difficult squashed wire, if you put the tablet, for example, in your pocket. Users who prefer to watch movies and listen to music with the participation of the headset will appreciate this location.

8-inch tablet Lenovo Tab S8-50F review

At the bottom are Micro-USB and built-in microphone.

Control buttons – volume rocker and power / lock, located on the right slope of the casing. They have a very slim design, pressed gently enough.

On the opposite face, you can see the card slot for microSD. Complete with support for 3G and LTE will be located here and micro-SIM-card slot.

In the surveyed tablet model of wireless technologies implemented only Wi-Fi 802.11n and Bluetooth 4.0. To determine the location used by GLONASS and GPS. Unfortunately, the module Wi-Fi is hardly fast and qualitative, as well as GPS. However, for many users, this is unlikely to be a critical issue.

If you want a more advanced version of Lenovo Tab S8, you can select the version of the device with 3G / LTE and functions dialer. This, of course, cost more than $ 350 for a complete set with Wi-Fi. Of the sensors are present in G-sensor, vibration function, the Hall sensor.


8-inch tablet Lenovo Tab S8-50F review

The capacity of the built-in lithium-polymer battery is 4290 mAh. And this, by the way, one of the lowest rates among the competitors. But, in any case, we can safely count on the fact that Lenovo Tab S8-50F provide a good autonomy. For example, while reading it will work more than 9 hours, and in the video mode almost six and a half hours.

Conclusion – Lenovo Tab S8-50F

If you are in search of the budget and also a stylish tablet, the Lenovo Tab S8-50F, of course, should you look and feel. In addition to brightly colored body, it is quite restrained in the style of performance, but rather thin and lightweight. 8-inch screen panels offer excellent opportunities for quality leisure and work, and modifications to support mobile Internet dialer functions greatly simplify the life of more advanced users.

Rather limited resource capacity and autonomy should not confuse the buyer because the plate is worth a little over $ 350. But no one would argue that for the sake of budget always have to sacrifice something, is not it?

Source: Lenovo

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