4 Reasons not flash Android-powered device


Before flash Android, reflect not only on those benefits that you will gain, but also about possible unpleasant consequences of this action. In particular, a warning for those users who are simply following fashion: “Friends flash, then it should be!” There are five important arguments against that flash Android.

These arguments were systematized Mattia Mercato Italian programmer who posted their views on the resource AndroidPIT, publishing many instructions on running the most popular mobile operating system in the world. Regardless of whether you will find them thoroughly, they should be read to know what is a man, flash your Android-device.

Actually dissuade a man who took a definite decision is almost impossible. But you can at least provide food for thought for those users who still doubt. After all, users of computer technology, which are loved by millions and mobile devices fall into two broad categories. First, and rather few category includes users experimenters. They clearly understand that every time exposing your device manufacturer unintended intervention, they are at risk to bring the device out of action and will not be mad at anyone, if it happens.


The second category – these are ordinary people who do not burden themselves with computer wisdom. Most of them are quite happy with its capabilities provided by the mobile device and in no hurry to make any changes to it. But even among these users there are fans to experiment. But, unfortunately, they are confident that they will always return the device to its original state. Or at least call a friend who knows about computer technology, and a couple of minutes, he will tell you how to do it. Alas, some damage, and not only hardware, but also software, can not solve any amateur programmer or even a qualified service center. And if they can, it will be a long and expensive “pleasure”.

1. Safety devices under threat on the flash Android

Flash Android device, you get total control over the entire system. With the right skills and tools, you can read and modify almost any parameter of your device. But there is another, far less pleasant side of such absolute control – since flash nothing will prevent malicious applications to destroy the operating system.

System files flash devaysa can be damaged or even removed, and personal information is read. And it is possible that expensive mobile device will turn into a completely useless “brick”. Of course, an experienced user will be given to those applications or other route-privileges, and other applications in which there is any doubt, just do not put. But this means carefully watch what permissions from the user is asked to application. It means to understand the intricacies of computer and to know the features of various applications. How many users are so literate and cautious?

2. With the guarantee will have to say goodbye on the flash Android

Needless to say, flash device does not apply to those things that are officially approved by the manufacturers of devices. If this were not so, then the device would have went straight from the factory flash conveyor. Thus, flash your device, you will most likely can say goodbye to the warranty.

In some devices, particularly “samsungovskih” special embedded flash counters that track user intervention preinstalled software and install them informal programs. The counter is able to determine whether the device flash  even if returned to its original state.

3. Not all devices are the same on the flash Android

Flash Android device procedure differs depending on the manufacturer and model, even concrete. There is no unambiguous, and the more “official” method flash  device. For example, for flash Nexus devices must download a special tool, and then access the command line of your computer.

Flash  for Samsung devices used computer software Odin. As a result, for flash each device has to perform a series of sequential actions to be understood only by an experienced computer user. In the case of improper execution of these steps, there is a good chance of removing devaysa system. Are mobile users lose their new clothes? If not, then nothing better flash!

4. Problems with updates on the flash Android

Another common problem for flash devices is to stop automatic updates. For example, you may not have a convenient opportunity to see updates via Wi-Fi and control software, as Samsung KIES now works correctly. You will only need to update the software manually, but this is quite cumbersome process. If you want to manually set each time a new version of the program?

So flash entails a lot of unpleasant consequences, depriving protection device provided by the manufacturer, warranty, and sometimes automatic updates. Flash Android may even bring a device failure. And open wide road viruses, which Android is leading among other mobile operating systems.

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