2K Drive Racing game will be released exclusively for iOS this fall


Autumn – it is always a very “hot” season for the iOS-gamers. Besides the fact that the market receives new iPhone and iPad, so more and eminent vendors are releasing their new products on the shelves App Store. For example, 2K Games, on whose conscience lie game The Elder Scrolls IV, Duke Nukem Forever, Borderlands, BioShock Infinite , and many others, this fall is going to show a volatile mix of autosimulator and arcade racing game called 2K Drive.


In the game we are waiting licensed cars, charged clip from different racing modes including and night racing, and drag and even off-road racing. Of course, in the 2K Drive will be able to compete with friends in multiplayer mode. Here is a list of brief features of the game to be proud of the developers:

  • Real-world licensed cars
  • Console-level graphics (sic!)
  • Multiplayer game with your friends and the world
  • These racetracks
  • Buy cars, improvements, spare parts and more
  • Individualize their cars and drivers
  • Add your photo to his rider in the game
  • Dynamic content – cars, racing, challenges, articles – all updated regularly

For seed suggest you look at some screenshots from the game:

Agree, advertising screen shots from the game looks at least very good. In addition, already available in the same video, which can be estimated trailer for the game 2K Racing and look directly gameplay.

At the moment we know that the game will be available exclusively on the platform iOS, which could be another reason for pride for the “native” platform. Waiting for?

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