The world would end on October 23

Company Madfinger Games announced the official release date for Dead Trigger 2 – 23 October this year for Android, iOS, Mac, PC and Facebook.

Let me remind you, Dead Trigger 2 – is a zombie shooter, and is the second game in the series. Just as the first part, the continuation of the system will be distributed on free-to-play, but with a substantially changed the system of in-game purchases. The game is completely absent premium shopping, all the weapons and gadgets will be available only for a single-game currency.

The main features and changes in the second part are:

  • New NPC, who will accompany you in the game;
  • improved visual effects: realistic water reflections and dynamic shadows, Superior Ragdoll physics, dynamic lighting, per-pixel lighting;
  • static weapons at levels;
  • opportunity to upgrade and build new weapons;
  • various locations with their own types of zombies;
  • huge boss who will repeatedly harass you;
  • reworked AI enemies that will completely change the gameplay. This means that the game will never be repeated.

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