Updated iLife and iWork


Long time we did not talk about updating software, of course. Operating system does not count. But it’s nice to see that Apple is not only concerned with iOS-device and Mac, where you can earn a mountain of gold, but also, for example, the software package of iLife and iWork. Today, just for them are emphasized, as their and updated. And, it must be noted, updated quite well. Although, of course, this is not the most popular applications , but …

In general, all updated iLife suite of applications can be described with just one sentence. Since essentially only one updated design. But the new design is now not only in the application of the iLife suite for the Mac, but for iOS-devices, which is twice as nice.

Looks really cool. Particularly pleased that, for example, iPhoto attention now paid to editing photos and further “Sharing.” And in iMovie at all a new feature – iMovie Theater: creating video on one device, and it is immediately available to everyone. A sort of cloud sync. It’s great. And GarageBand now has a Drummer – drummer for creating drum tracks. In general, it is necessary to thoroughly delve into all of these applications to evaluate all the changes on the merit, because a lot of them, for which many thanks to Apple. Especially nice is that on the new Mac and iOS-devices are all available free of charge.

Applications of package iWork, ie Pages, Numbers and Keynote also received significant changes. The most dramatic change has suffered, of course, UI-design of these applications, which is not surprising: iOS 7 is sweeping the iOS-devices with incredible speed.

IWork package talked about for a long time. Again, you need to dig around and explore in detail. Generally speaking, the focus was on the design (as we have just said, and) for the convenience of editing documents, and of course, their future “card sharing”. Of course, all tied around iCloud – and Apple, and we love this cloud.

As for the price, it is all the same way as with the iLife: free on the new Mac and iOS-devices. Tale.

In general, it is necessary to observe each application individually. They have changed and very cool. Apple has taken into account all the wishes of users and did everything perfectly.

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