Transform iPhone with 15 € gadget in “real” camcorder

The iPhone is not only a smart phone to make calls very popular, but now also a fairly popular camera. Therefore, there are more and more gadgets from your smartphone to a “real” camera to make. This of course is a neat handle, so you do not drop the expensive iPhone. One of them now comes from Japan. By Donya DN-84841, you can now at least turn the iPhone (4/4S/5) a real camcorder to comfort, viz. Once you have the device that is inserted laterally, via the appropriate keys, you can also immediately confirm the timer and other features.

In the first pictures the whole thing looks pretty cheap, but of course is a nifty gadget for those who need it. For 15 € luckily not the most expensive gadget. Whether it comes to the market in Germany is still unclear.

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Look a video from russian roads:

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