HP Prime is a touch-and graphics-capable calculator


Since there are smartphones and desktop computers have come calculator out of fashion. Only in school you learn more with practical tools for algebra and geometry deal. In order to display the results even better and to get a better picture of the inputs is also, HP has developed a premium calculator that not only has a color display, can also be equipped with even apps.

The HP Graphing Calculator Prime has a 3.5 inch touchscreen and is charged via USB. For this purpose it includes a 400MHz processor and a lithium ion battery. The display can also be operated with fingers mehrern and wireless communicating with each other. Anonymous, the teachers, the students therefore query whether the curriculum was understood.

However, this convenience has a retail price of 159 euros and will be available on September. The weight of 228 grams makes it much heavier than a smart phone and will thus be more likely to have used mainly in the professional segment, as in the school.

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