Tobii EyeMobile: Steer your tablet using glance

The Swedish company Tobii Technology has released a set of EyeMobile, allows you to manage tablets with Windows 8 by sight. Tobii Technology uses infrared rays – infrared radiation, which completely invisible to humans.

The principle of operation of the system lies in the direction of gaze tracking the user, allowing him to perform certain operations with eye movements. This, for example, can be scrolled documents or select the desired item from the list.

EyeMobile set includes tracking device look PCEye Go, receiving power over the USB-interface, and a special stand for the tablet. There are two color options – black and silver. The device PCEye Go can also be used separately from Windows-laptop or desktop.

EyeMobile is primarily aimed at people with disabilities: the patients affected by paralysis, people with spinal cord injury, motor neuron disease and other serious illnesses. Price EyeMobile is an impressive $ 4,250.

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