The iPhone app will help to break boring relationship


“You know, I was eaten by a bear. Phone battery will sit down soon, so do not bother to answer. Good luck in life. ” So the creators of the original text of the application BreakupText offer complete boring relationship.

The break with a boyfriend or girlfriend via text message – a popular method to help avoid awkward conversations. However, you still make the correct text is not easy. BreakupText application offers a set of messages for both men and women. Development takes on the difficult task of writing with an explanation, which requires the rules of decency.

The application is able to joke, so its still unsuspecting ex-girlfriend, you can, for example, report that you went into space, said KP . But there are options for more lengthy and sentimental lyrics. Thus, it is possible, for example, to get this kind of cryptic text for the person who had a long relationship:

“Hi Polly, I know you know how we will meet the anniversary of our relations. Maybe someday, somewhere – who knows? One night, we’ll come up with names for our future children – it was touching. You are very sweet. But it’s over, it’s time to leave … You hear the song “Cape Canaveral” Conor Oberst? We did it just like it … Love poltergeist. And I need an exorcism. “

And this is an option in the event of imminent parting with a recent acquaintance:

“Hi Polly, in the sea, as they say, a lot of fish, right? I know this is quite a hackneyed cliche, but there is something of the truth. You never know what’s waiting for you around the corner … Also what happened to me. After our last meeting, I ran into my professor in college. It’s so amazing telling the story of the French Revolution, it seemed to me the smartest woman in the world. You know, she recently got divorced from her husband, who left her. In general, if short, we fell in love. I know it seems sudden, but because life itself is a sudden thing. In any case, I wish you good luck in search of fish in the sea of ​​life. “

As explained by one of the creators of the application Jake Levin, at first it was conceived as a completely humorous, but then thought it would be useful in more serious situations – for example, help to soften a little parting person who most struggle with more jokes.

Use the services of an electronic assistant is possible for a fee, the cost of application to the App Store $ 1.

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