Status iPhone 6 and inexpensive OnePlus One Note 4Status iPhone 6 and inexpensive OnePlus One Note 4

Status iPhone 6 and inexpensive OnePlus One left Note 4 little space in China

Status iPhone 6 and inexpensive OnePlus One Note 4Status iPhone 6 and inexpensive OnePlus One Note 4

September 30, 2014, Samsung started selling in China, its Galaxy Note 4, one of the most attractive fabletov this season. It is available in the networks of the three operators in China. Phone appeared on the Chinese market as a competitor to iPhone 6 Plus and offered to customers at a price of USD 848. China’s largest telecom operator China Mobile is also going to offer it at a price with its subsidy. But for two simple reasons Galaxy Note 4 in China, most likely will not like.

These are called the San Leo, a columnist for the resource The Motley Fool, and they reflect only his point of view, although fairly well-reasoned. He believes that the start of sales of new products has been on the part of the South Korean tehnogiganta gesture of despair rather than confidence in the good of its reception in the Chinese market. Samsung has started to lose share in the Chinese market for the benefit of local companies, and Apple reported record sales of 10 million iPhone 6 and 6 Plus for the first three days of their presence on the shelves.

In China, there is only one supplier for premium devices

Samsung reputation as a manufacturer of premium smartphones are not as bright as that of Apple.

Status iPhone 6 and inexpensive OnePlus One Note 4

Brand loyalty is everywhere lower than Samsung brand loyalty Apple. The research firm WDS recently surveyed 3,000 smartphone users in the United States, Britain and Australia, and found that 76% of iPhone owners are going to continue to give preference to Apple and only 58% of users in the future Samsung plans to stop their attention on a device of this company. The same trend is observed in emerging markets. Poll 4 thousand 500 smartphone buyers in five emerging markets showed that 42% of Chinese consumers plan to buy an iPhone, and only 32% – a smart phone from Samsung.

In the Chinese market is a huge demand for both pre-model iPhone 6. Two hours were allocate all the smart phones that have been proposed for pre-order on the Hong Kong site Apple. Operator China Mobile reported 33 thousand pre-orders on the first day when it was open this possibility. Bought in Hong Kong “six iPhones” (for 720 – $ 1040 dollars) resell in mainland China at a price above $ 1,000. Even the usual shops in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, as reported by Reuters, sell these phones twice and even three times more expensive recommended retail price.

Formed around the iPhone 6 hype clearly gives the Samsung understand that the iPhone 6 in a short time has become one of the most coveted status of items in China.

Samsung may surpass Apple’s just in the middle price segment

In China, there are also companies that offer very decent smartphones at a much lower price. Slightly more expensive than $ 200 in China is “umnofon” from a local vendor, technical characteristics comparable to the 750-dollar Samsung Galaxy S5. This low price is achieved by the fact that local companies do not have much to spend on marketing. They offer their devices through online stores, releasing them in small batches, and therefore they do not need huge warehouses. In addition, the people themselves tell each other about the benefits of the different models, and it is sometimes better than the most expensive advertising.

Galaxy Note 4 faces the same problem as the Galaxy S5. Company Oppo offers comparable characteristics fablet OnePlus One for 379 dollars. OnePlus One lighter, has a better front-facing camera, and the same amount of RAM. Slightly weaker processor – 2.5-GHz quad-core chip, and the “samsungovskogo” fableta CPU clock speed of 2.7 GHz. Batteries two fabletov also comparable: OnePlus One 3100 mAh, while the Galaxy Note 4 3220 mAh. In Note 4, there are advantages – it is waterproof handheld device, has a more powerful main camera, fingerprint scanner and some other interesting features, but at the same time because it costs more than twice as expensive OnePlus One.

But not so much in the technical specifications it! Unlike the iPhone 6, Note 4 is not considered a status object, which means that all other phone users will be assessed only in terms of price – quality. And in this regard, Samsung – not a competitor to Chinese producers.

Is Samsung is losing market share in China alone? Actually, no. Estimated Barclays, Samsung’s share of the world market fabletov decrease in 2016 to 58%. It is a lot? But in 2012, the South Korean technology corporation covered 73% of the smartphone market this increasingly popular category.

Samsung in the past, present and future

Status iPhone 6 and inexpensive OnePlus One Note 4

Over the past few years, Samsung shows persistent marketing and announcements pressed attractive products in the smartphone market HTC and Sony. In the past, this approach has been effective. But now the situation has changed. Market fabletov first came out of Apple, but Chinese manufacturers offer cheaper smartphones. Premium Soup Samsung are not cheap, but it is not perceived as a status.

San Leo believes that the price decline Note 4 could contribute to enhancing the competitiveness of Samsung and make it a real alternative to the Chinese fabletam such as OnePlus One. But lower prices would lead to a loss of aura bonuses and assignment of this segment of the market from Apple. It is for this reason Samsung hurried start selling Note 4 earlier than it will make Apple.

Do you think that fablety from Chinese manufacturers today are not less attractive than the Note 4? What may be due to a desire to get it Note 4, and not the same Chinese device that will cost half the price?

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