Soft but ruthless: Reuters described the management style of Tim Cook

The book Reuters were psychological portrait of Apple CEO Tim Cook, who assumed the office of the head of the company in 2011. The news agency said that the head of the “apple” of the corporation “slick, consistent and hard.” Steve Jobs was the creator and the creator, Tim Cook – a great organizer and the opposite of Steve. In this case, Cook least demanding and results-oriented CEO, founder than Apple.

An employee of the company who is familiar with the style of leadership of Tim Cook said that the head of Apple «can literally kill one sentence.” He may say something like, “I think you can do better, then you will want to hide in a corner and die.”

According to Reuters, Tim Cook was the first to call Sheryl Sandberg immediately after his appointment as COO of Facebook (in fact, it is the second person in the company after the CEO). She asked Cook how to hold a responsible position on the right hand the head of a large company. “Tim politely and clearly explained to me that my job is to fulfill those important things that do not want to concentrate Mark Zuckerberg” – said Cheryl.

And the truth is, most people know how to cook a polite and pleasant person to work with. According to former employees of Apple Beta Fox. “Now the company is not as crazy inside as before. The orders are not as draconian, “- she said. As noted by Fox, most of her friends are still working at Apple, although she had to leave.

“Everybody Loves Tim – says Beta. – At least no one is afraid to make mistakes, as they feared for Steve Jobs. “

However, Cook can be ruthless. We all remember how Apple CEO took the situation with the cards in their hands. After the failure of the service he published an open letter of apology to the users and fired Forstalla Scott, who was involved in the matter.

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