Smart watches: necessity or luxury?

Technologies enter our lives gradually, and argue with this statement makes no sense. A striking example of this are smart watches, which, despite the growing popularity and the large number of available models, are still the exception rather than the rule. The reason for this is not at all hours waiting for the release of the “apple” of the manufacturer or anything like that. Currently potential users of hours, which likely are you and I simply do not believe in the necessity of the purchase. In order to correct this misunderstanding, we decided to share with you the experience of using smart hours of our foreign colleagues, who also did not recognize until now this type of gadgets. Held a free dating? Let’s find out.


“Fan of ordinary wristwatches, I am still a distant times of his childhood. Despite a decent time, since almost nothing has changed: before meeting with Pebble in my collection were four hours. Whatever it was, the activities associated with gadgets gradually made itself felt. In short, I began to realize that for most of the functions necessary for me first thing in my hand reaching into his trouser pocket – for a smartphone. That turned the clock of the device, even if only one function in a fashion accessory, I noticed about two months ago. It was then when I discovered stop running some of them only a few weeks of operation.


This, however, was not enough to abandon the usual accessory in favor of his “big brother”. Undeniable reason for buying smart gadget made itself felt during the next move: if the box with all the pets my wrist disappeared without a trace.

However, rather like in the appropriate store is not successful. As I stood at the window, trying to catch a look for something visually acceptable, in my mind came a sudden thought. Why should I have to shell out an amount sufficient to purchase the tablet Nexus 7, for a device that is able to perform only one function?

That’s how my inner voice began demanding more hours. Naturally, the choice was obvious. In my life the era of smart hours.

What to choose?

Rejection of popular nowadays Galaxy Gear occurred almost instantaneously. Frankly, the prospect of using the watch in conjunction with the mandatory smartphone Galaxy line attracted me was a little. And although their functionality has been significantly richer Pebble, the choice fell on the latter.

Arguments “for” naturally became affordable price, attractive design and the ability to change the strap.

What are your impressions?

A little story. Up until the fixing Pebble on his wrist, I thought the category of smart watches are not promising. Does it make sense to give a few hundred dollars for a device that can store three seconds, used to get a smartphone? Hardly. Whatever it was no turning back. Proof of purchase is conveniently located in the pocket, while the brand-new box clock firmly fixed in my hand.

As it turned out, the most important function of a smart accessory for me was the ability to filter content. I can hardly be mistaken if I tried to suggest that during the day on your smartphone there is a huge number of notifications from absolutely necessary to meaningless. Last, if that presents all sorts of games and not other vital messages.

So, clocks were a great tool to save time. If your smartphone is made a noise about something unimportant, one glance at the wrist – and a few seconds saved successfully. And since several times a day.

However, it is not just about time, but about safety. Does it make sense to risk during the trip was driving the car in response to a notice from the 8 Asphalt? I think not.

What else?

If you purchase ordinary wristwatch in any store any manufacturer – you exactly encounter this problem. Her name – no personalization. Change the look of the dial color of the arrows, and other details in the ordinary hours? Hardly. Whether it Pebble.


Yes, Pebble functionality is far from ideal, but it was enough fully to recommend purchase smart watches all my friends. To understand the need for this category of gadgets, you must try in person. Be sure a few weeks – and you can hardly imagine life without improved hours.

And what do you think about the future representatives of this category of devices you? Do not forget to tell about it in the comments.

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