Instead smart hours Xiaomi presented scales

Instead smart hours Xiaomi presented scales

Instead smart hours Xiaomi presented scales

It’s only been five years since, as was established dynamic company Xiaomi. At a special event in Beijing CEO, Lei Jun took the opportunity to announce five new products, including weight Mi Smart Scale. Among which, however, was not smart hours over which is rumored to be working hard manufacturer.

Joining a growing ecosystem of handsets and accessories, Mi Smart Scale synchronized with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Another source of data is the application Mi Fit, available on both iOS and Android. Scales are accurate up to 50 g and can monitor the weight of 5 to 150 kg (11 to 330 pounds). According to the creators, the balance will be able to determine the change in weight even after drinking a bottle of water. With a glass platform and LED-display, they will cost 99 yuan, which translated into dollars is $ 15.

Among the products was Mi TV 2, which has a 55-inch 4K-display, which stopped the price tag at $ 805. Have been demonstrated 2 mobile phone: pink version and version Mi Note Redmi 2. The final product, which appeared at the event was the Mi Power Strip – portable charger with three rosettes and three-port USB. All of these trends are now on sale in China, and in view of the fact that in the near future Xiaomi plans to open an online store in the US and Europe, you too will be able to purchase one of the products of the Chinese manufacturer.

Source: CNET

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