Samsung Galaxy S4: dull the first battery problems

It’s only been six months since the Galaxy S4 was launched on the international market, but it seems that many users are already having problems with the battery of the device. The German portal MobiFlip citing a reliable source who works at a very famous telephone operator, reports that currently are increasing requests for support for the battery of the new Galaxy S4, which in 30% of cases seems to be unable to maintain the charging long time.

That the batteries show reduced performance is normal, but it is a fact that certainly does discuss why we speak of a device used for only 6 months. These types of problems should be at least after a year or more of use.

Fortunately, the GS4 allows users to simply be able to overcome this problem by changing the battery, but you should not need to do anything after just six months of purchase, and more for a smartphone top-gamma paid 700 €.

Currently, the problem seems to be limited to one country, then perhaps it is due to a particularly bad batch of batteries. Of course, Samsung will have to investigate this issue.

You have had the same problem of poor performance of the battery?

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