Russia has created a new virtual "human"

Russia has created a new virtual “human”

Russia has created a new virtual "human"

Scientists from Nizhny Novgorod created a virtual supercomputer using human clone. Development will be used in the medical field: the digital “patient” doctors will test the effectiveness of therapies.

Model, as explained in the local state university named after Lobachevsky, very detailed. Judge for yourself: only heart took into account the parameters of a record number – more than 50 million. The invention is unique for Russia.

The authors of the project argue that doctors can examine the virtual body, not only outside but also “climb into” study every organ. Without a real surgery.

Russia has created a new virtual "human"

Clone can “customize” under real patient: with all the individual physiological data. This will speed up the search for the most effective treatments. Will test any theory, and even see the result. On human beings can not be carried out similar experiments.

Researchers say that a major role in the appearance of the model played a supercomputer “Lobachevsky”. It is located in the said institution. In the world ranking of academic systems, it owns 44 place (power).

Used platform beginning in 2014

Source: Tass

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