Rumors : Amazon can offer the smartphone for free and without carrier contract

Despite the fact that the estimated output of the Amazon smartphone will take place only at the end of this year, the first rumors about him appeared in December 2012. Since then they have been repeated several times, but did not disclose enough details about future updates to Amazon. Actually, any information about what we can see behind the device does not appear now, but the publication Wall Street Journal, which is considered a reliable and credible source , reported the interesting news . According to one of its journalists , Amazon will offer free smartphones .

The first thought that arises after reading this statement – for anything in life. The second – and why not? Despite the fact that the source mentions that the gadget will be offered to buyers ( hmm, but buyers pay the money after all ? ) Without a contract with the mobile network operators (usually a two-year agreement with a monthly fee for their services), but it does not mean that the Amazon can not set its own conditions . The company probably will require several years of pre-paid subscription to Amazon Prime, or offer any other conditions not yet announced .

Amazon – one of the few companies producing Android-based device , which does not earn directly on the sales of gadgets , and the provision of related services , for example, its own app store , movies, books and other content . Its Tablets and e-books are now sold at cost , so that release of the smartphone , for that and did not have to pay when you subscribe to any services the company will not be such a surprise.

Another question – is it is in fact, and do not deceive us if the rumors. Unfortunately, the exact answer to it, we do not know yet , and if they know , then , most likely, directly from the words of the most Amazon, but that’s exactly when this might happen , and can not say.

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