Recovery Site for Apple developers continues

Apple Developer Center is the seventh day is inoperative as a result of a hacker attack . That developers are aware of the progress the company has opened a special page that shows the current state of affairs with the elimination of the threat. Judging by the page, the wait may be delayed.

As of this moment it is clear that of all the available services mending touched only the iTunes Connect and Bug Reporter. If the restoration work of each service will be required on the part of the week, the release of the next beta version of iOS 7 can take place almost simultaneously with the release of the final assembly.

Apple also updated the site by publishing a statement apologizing to the developers and promises as soon as possible to solve all the problems. First, the company wants to restore the certificates, profiles, forums, developers, Bug Reporter, pre-release and video library. Next will be eliminated problems with downloading the software to the latest beta version of iOS 7, Xcode 5 and OS X Mavericks again became available. Let’s hope that the process will be accelerated, and the developers will stop chorus send curses in Cupertino because annoying inconvenience.

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