PocketBook CoverReader: symbiosis cover and reader for Galaxy S4


PocketBook company has developed a prototype of a very unusual accessory CoverReader, which also protects the smartphone and thus acts as a reader with E Ink screen. The model focuses on the use together with Samsung Galaxy S4 . The announcement was made at IFA 2013 in Berlin.

CoverReader is a thin and light notebook, cover, and it allows you to not only read books without too much eye strain, even in bright sunlight. Accessory easily connects to your phone and allows you to preview documents, e-mails or web article. In addition, E Ink displays informational messages about missed calls and received SMS-messages. It should also be noted that the use of CoverReader saves battery power your smartphone. After all, his own AMOLED-display is a major consumer of energy, while electronic paper orders of magnitude more cost effective in this regard.


In the near future PocketBook plans to launch commercial model CoverReader for Galaxy S4, as well as for other popular smartphones, including solutions from HTC and Sony.

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