Pebble Time with color display presented officially

Pebble Time with color display presented officially

Pebble Time with color display presented officially

Three years ago, we can say Pebble made history platform Kickstarter, raising over $ 10 million for the implementation of their project – a smart watch with e-ink display. But it happened two years before the birth of Android Wear. Over the years the company managed to add to their gadgets some options, but overall production Pebble is not exposed to global changes. Until today.

Pebble Time, announced just today, have not OLED or LCD-display, and color e-paper

This type of screen has a number of advantages. Firstly, all that is displayed on the screen, clearly visible in bright sunlight. Secondly, power consumption is minimized as compared with the same OLED-displays and LCD. New smaller and thinner classic watches companies: 20% “thinner” than its predecessor. Slightly curved dial sits better on the wrist. Screen covers scratch-resistant glass Gorilla Glass. The housing is made of stainless steel and polycarbonate. Watches come with silicone (naturally waterproof) strap.

Pebble Time with color display presented officially

Pebble Time is equipped with a microphone. But before you decide that the device can operate in conjunction with options like Google Now or Siri, think again. Voice option of hours is reduced to one: voice answer an incoming notification. For example, when you receive a new message notification, go to your e-mail, you can answer it with your voice. Audio response is translated into text format. If you want you can send the audio file, which is very convenient if you are in a noisy place, and it is likely that the gadget simply will not understand what you just said.

Seems interesting chronological way to display notifications. This means that all your notifications, reminders, calendar events and news are laid out in the order “from the past to the present and the future.” The creators promise devaysa 7-day job hours. It will suffice to scroll through the last notification to realize that you missed in the last hours. Scrolling news ahead, we can find out what is planned in the near future. Hours will be able to work with Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Google, Motorola, Xiaomi and other smartphones.

Pebble Time with color display presented officially

Pebble Time compatible with 6,500 applications, as well as owners of hours can download the application from the Market Pebble. Unusual App Faces option is essentially a widget allows you to view news without opening the application.

Pebble Time are smart port, which allows developers to create a variety of sensors and smart straps. If you are the owner or Pebble Pebble Steel, do not rush to replace them with a new device. The creators promise to add new features in these gadgets.

Pebble Time available for purchase only (!) On the platform Kickstarter in three colors (strap / case): black / black, white / silver and black / red. The device will cost you $ 159, and the first deliveries scheduled for May. In retail stores and online watch will cost $ 199, which is two times less than the cost of the primitive model of Apple Watch.

At the time of this article novelty managed to raise $ 2,774,725 of the $ 500,000 needed. And the number is increasing with every second!

Source: engadget

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