Nvidia is working on a Microsoft Surface 2


CEO of Nvidia Hwang Chang-Soon (Jen-Hsun Huang) confirmed that his company is working on a new generation of tablet Microsoft Surface. Recently it became known to lower the price on the Surface RT, and the new message explains the reason for such solutions developers Windows. The software giant declined to comment.

Hwang said:

Now we’re going to bring the second generation of Surface. We are working on it in the sweat and look forward to its huge success.

Confirmation from the mouth of the head of Nvidia hints at the fact that Microsoft has operated for several versions of the tablet Surface. Earlier reports indicated that the software giant is testing the 800 Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm, recently forced the whole world is talking about the new smartphone LG G2. It is possible that Microsoft is preparing a seven-and eight-inch version of the Surface.

There is a chance that the child of Bill Gates will continue to use a product line Surface RT chips Nvidia Tegra and Qualcomm priberezhet solutions for other products. Microsoft recently opened its plans to update lineup Surface RT and Surface Pro, including offering accessories in new colors. At the same time, representatives of the software giant did not comment on discussion in the Web (and ostensibly available to the Corporation) “plans” for the production of the next generation of Surface. Therefore it is necessary to consider them only rumors.

According to the materials theverge.com

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