Nokia launches Bluetooth followers never to lose the key?

Nokia smartphones for some time, in addition of course more or less fancy accessories on offer. This also includes headphones, bracket, or even small sound systems. Now there is apparently a new fancy accessories in the pipeline, which is how the Kickstarter idea tile work on the same principle. The Nokia Treasure Day is basically a keychain with NFC and Bluetooth 4.0, which soon together with a matching app. A time paired with its Windows Phone, you can track it with the app the day again and again. Thanks to the Nokia Live Sight technique you can do this even in the augmented reality view make.

Will come on the market in the Treasure day in the coming weeks. Nokia is in fact just about to make the so-called Amber update ready, which will supply 4.0 Support the Lumia devices with Bluetooth. What will cost the chic part is still unclear.

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