nexus 6 specs

Became known basic Nexus 6 specs of the new smartphone

nexus 6 specs

Happened, my friends are shown nexus 6 specs! Since the long-awaited presentation of the new representatives of the line Nexus passed more than one hour, and we still can not move away from what he saw. It is not surprising: the search giant managed to surprise his fans by showing several nexus 6 specs, one of which was completely unexpected. Be that as it may, today it goes about it. Now we will try to identify the main features of the new “Google Phone” – nexus 6 specs. Which its components are worthy of mention first? Let’s find out.

Dimensions – nexus 6 specs

Most likely, this news will disappoint someone, but the fact remains – nexus 6 specs added significantly in size. In particular, the diagonal of the screen is now 5.96 inches. Accordingly, the device became the first fabletom company, and the convenience of using it with one hand you can now only dream of.

nexus 6 specs

However, Google’s engineers decided to partially compensate for this dubious innovation by increasing the resolution of the display. Now it is equal to 2560 x 1440 pixels, which provides a decent density – 493 ppi.

In addition, on the front of the unit there was a place for the stereo speakers, which automatically included the sixth iteration of the Nexus line of our list of smartphones with unusual abilities sound.

Unbelievable characteristics

Nexus 6 specs members of the family traditionally have outstanding performance. Whether the exception has become a novelty? No. Inside the case there is a massive quad-core Snapdragon processor 805 with a clock frequency of 2.5 GHz, GPU Adreno 420, and 3 GB of RAM. Internal memory can be equal to 32 or 64 GB.

Operating System

nexus 6 specs

Enviable speed nexus 6 specs, which of course, is provided by the latest version of the operating system Android. Lollipop, recall, was the embodiment of a new idea of ​​material design, marked the final transition to the run-time environment ART and more gentle on the battery life of the device.


Is it worth it to fans of mobile photography to pay your attention to the new nexus 6 specs? Sure. 13-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization under force to create a masterpiece. Responsibility for that also carry the latest sensor Sony IMX 214 and f / 2.0 lens.

nexus 6 specs

Thanks to all of the above components of the smartphone can record 4K-video at 30 frames per second. Self also promises to be of high quality: the front camera is 2.1 megapixel.

Battery – nexus 6 specs

It is obvious that the Nexus 6 specs was based on the Moto X of the second generation. Fortunately, the worst feature of the prototype – poor battery life – smartphone from Google is not inherited. Capacity of its battery extremely well and is 3220 mAh.

However, the engineers decided that it is not enough, and added to this feature fast charging Turbo Charger. With its help, a 15-minute recharge can provide about 6 hours of work. It seems that dreams begin to turn into reality.

What causes the feeling of Nexus 6 specs you, dear readers? Are you planning to buy a new product? Tell us about it in the comments.

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