NEOLINE company has released a top DVR Wide S53

NEOLINE company has released a top DVR Wide S53

NEOLINE company has released a top DVR Wide S53

The company is a top NEOLINE DVR Wide S53 with a wide viewing angle of 170 degrees, Super HD resolution and the ability to shoot Full HD video at 60 frames per second. Thanks to the sophisticated technical solutions, NEOLINE Wide S53 provides a good quality recording day and night, in all weather and lighting conditions. New shoots video at resolutions Super HD and Wide Super HD (2560 p): on the record will be visible all the fine details, including road signs, markings and numbers of cars at a distance from the DVR. As a Full HD shooting will be conducted at a speed of 60 frames per second! This figure is twice the standard and provides an absolutely clear image at a fixed fast moving objects – shooting at a speed used in the manufacture of high-budget movies.

With a wide viewing angle of 170 degrees picture of a traffic accident is the most complete, because the shot will get all lanes, including the opposite direction, as well as the sidewalk. But despite the wide-angle lens design, the image will not be distorted, and the objects in the picture will retain the right proportions. An important function of NEOLINE Wide S53 is support for HDR: it provides high image contrast in difficult conditions – in the dark, with a sharp change in illumination and glare of headlights of oncoming cars.

NEOLINE Wide S53 is equipped with a modern processor Ambarella A7L70 and the lens of six glass lenses. The device is cyclic recording on MicroSD memory card up to 64 GB, and the impact or sudden braking converts the current video in indelible buffer. View footage can be built on a 2.7-inch display or on a large TV screen by connecting the DVR via HDMI. If desired, the user can “fix” the device to the car and set the settings stamp staterooms. Also on the device provides emergency recording button: you can use it to take pictures in high resolution, without interrupting video recording.

New support JavaScript Time-Laps. In this mode, the device is shooting with reduced frame rate to save space on the memory card and “shrink” the size of video files. When you activate Smart DVR mode automatically switches to Time-Laps, if for 3 minutes near the car will not be recorded movement. This function can be used, and to shoot creative videos in the “fast-track recording.”

NEOLINE Wide S53 easily mounted on the windshield via suction cup mount staff. It implemented the ability to charge via the miniUSB: as soon as the device is fixed in the holder, it automatically starts to receive power.

“Our top-end DVR NEOLINE Wide S53 we are ready to offer users more than just a device with the best quality video. So, the owner of a new NEOLINE Wide S53 can record a day trip, compressed in 2 minutes, thanks to the Time-Laps. Or at 60 frames per second to capture stunning video, comparable in quality to high budget movie. I’m sure these nice features like device users NEOLINE”, – commented on the release of news Helen Doronin, head of marketing NEOLINE.

NEOLINE Wide S53 will be available in March 2015.

Source: Ferra

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