Modern Drone like a waiter

Modern Drone like a waiter

Modern Drone like a waiter

Singapore – a country that is very popular among tourists. In order to attract more customers, one of the restaurants in Singapore decided to use quadrocopter as waiters. It drones are delivered meals from the kitchen and drinks from the bar right on the table customers.

At the same time play the role of ordinary waiters drone operators, and communication with customers do not come. One of the reasons that made to the restaurant guide on such an unusual step – a lack of staff. The restaurant’s customers began complaining that orders are received and processed for a long time, and even places a downward trend in the number of visitors.

After that, the director decided to use modern technology in order to expedite the processing of your order and delivery of food and beverage clients. The company has requested help from the local technicians who have developed and delivery system using drones. At the same time to manage all the drones takes only a few people. By the way, the drones are flying between the tables, not the visitors.

Through this step the number of visitors to the restaurant has already increased by 25 percent, and continues to grow.

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