Former MobileMe users will get a free seat in SkyDrive

Apple introduced MobileMe service in 2008, which lasted until June 30 last year . He came to replace the current “cloud” service iCloud, has retained almost all the features of its predecessor. In connection with this transition, Apple once gave an additional 20 GB iCloud to all former users to MobileMe. A few days ago the technology giant began sending letters to them about the imminent expiration of gift gigabytes.

At the time, as Apple boldly takes the cherished gigabytes from their users, Microsoft has decided to act as a kind of Robin Hood. In one of their official twitters Corporation reported that it was prepared to provide an additional 15 GB of its “cloud» SkyDrive former clients MobileMe.

What do I need to do? Just send a letter to Microsoft about closing MobileMe, if it is kept in your email box. In Redmond promise to process all applications as quickly as possible to the 20th of September, when Apple finally takes the extra space from customers MobileMe, provide them with all the necessary services. A great move, do not say anything.

I just did not think that the users are happy with Apple’s product will go on solutions from Microsoft, SkyDrive as if they wanted to not be able to replace iCloud. Owners of several gadgets from Cupertino has long been built at home and in the office of an ecosystem that works with the “clouds» Apple. In addition, after one year of users will again be in the current situation.

“Cloud” has recently become very popular. Most importantly – the customers have a wide choice , and they can independently find the best value for money. Many do not want to leave Dropbox, and others have become accustomed to Google Drive, or “Yandex.Disk.” The latter, incidentally, boasts the lowest prices of its competitors.

Microsoft has started to behave aggressively as something special against Apple. The company regularly produces fresh “anti-advertising” , which makes fun of the plates on iOS, and the voice of Siri. Traditional methods of product promotion are not working, or Microsoft’s marketing department just bored?

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