Misano 1000 - New Motorcycle Airbag Jacket

Misano 1000 – New Motorcycle Airbag Jacket

If you enjoy a fast ride on a motorcycle and at the same time for security, then you need Misano 1000 Motorcycle Airbag Jacket. Let’s look at the main features of the jacket.

Feature of the new Motorcycle Airbag Jacket

As the source says, the new jacket is guaranteed the protection of the internal organs, breast, neck, ribs and collarbone.

Misano 1000 - New Motorcycle Airbag Jacket

The system is activated by means of compressed air. This happens very quickly – in 1/800 of a second. All functions automatically – thanks to 6 sensors located in different parts of the jacket.

You can watch the work of Motorcycle Air bag Jacket below.

In the sale of novelty will arrive in November this year. The price will be 1699 US dollars.

Source: geeky-gadgets

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