Microsoft starts taking iPhone in payment for Nokia smartphones

Microsoft plans from September 27 to start taking pre-owned smartphones Apple, offering a discount of $ 200 for the purchase in the company’s store. Two weeks ago, Microsoft began to take on similar terms tablet iPad.

The action on the exchange of second-hand iPhone in payment for other mobile devices will be valid in certain Microsoft retail stores in the United States and Canada. In exchange for the smartphone company will provide customers a discount, which he can use when purchasing goods at the store.

Will the discount apply to certain types of goods, not specified. However, Microsoft expects that the buyer, who will hand over your used iPhone, it will get in return a phone on the platform of Windows Phone. Microsoft sells its branded stores smartphones Nokia.

Under the terms of the shares, the minimum discount that the buyer will get, surrendering your iPhone, will be $ 200. Will be accepted iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. Reception conditions are not known, but is probably the device will need to have a good look, as is the case with the repurchase of tablet iPad.

Recall that from September 5, Microsoft started taking tablets used iPad. The Corporation provides a discount of at least $ 200 for each unit surrendered without putting forward any claim to the purchase of goods in return: visitor to the shop may choose any product, even though Microsoft first of all indicates the plates Surface.

Microsoft also accepts used smartphones Samsung, BlackBerry and other manufacturers, in exchange for a gift plastic card with a Visa enrolled her in cash in the amount of up to $ 350. The program operates within the last two weeks. Where Microsoft sends the collected electronics, is not specified.

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