Call of Duty Ghosts: A new update introduces an original game modes

Infinity Ward has released a new update dedicated to its famous Call of Duty: Ghosts One on Xbox, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.

The update in addition to correcting some of the problems of the game and to include an increase in team points, introduces a new method.

The Heavy Duty Mode, which will be implemented in the playlist title following the installation of the patch, will greatly increase the energy of the players and will feature several rules that will change the dynamics of the fight.

As reported by Infinity Ward’s recent update is not available for your version of Call of Duty Ghosts dedicated to Nintendo’s home console, Wii U, whose last update dates from the beginning of this month.

The development team also wanted to emphasize that, in the coming weeks, not only will be issued additional patch that will fix many of the problems of the game, but Infinity Ward is serious about taking steps towards all those players that exploiting bugs and glitches of ‘acclaimed title, ruin the gaming experience to the many honest player.

At this point, pending further information, please note that a few days ago Activision has released a new video dedicated to the Season Pass and the four additional content , which will be available during 2014.

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