LG G4 will get 3K display? Really?

LG G4 will get 3K display? Really?

LG G4 will get 3K display? Really?

LG G4 will get 3K-displey display resolution smartphone for us does not seem special technical highlight of the gadget.

Every manufacturer is trying to push in your device display, with a greater resolution to attract a large audience of buyers. As long as the company gets to impress their customers, but soon a new “lyzhik” for sure, entice all users to yourself.

The network has some information from the user profile of the fusion under the symbol phone LG VS999. As analysts suggest, it is under the same name is located in the development of LG G4. While the telephone is not entered in the sale, but as soon as he appears in retail stores, you can easily keep track of it on the site nadavi.com.ua, where easily orient at a good price and you liked the store.

From the information received, it became known that the new gadget will display the standard 3K, which equals 1,620 to 2,880 points. Unfortunately, not yet entirely clear what size will display, but the resolution is already strongly stirs interest in the expected pattern.

Also, there is anecdotal evidence that such permission shall not all smartphones. It will only get the ones that will go to the American retail mobile operator Verizon. Previously said that the resolution of this model will be slightly less, namely 1440 by 2560. It is rather difficult to break into unsubstantiated, but given the fact that information about 3K display newer, I want to believe that the company will stop on this variant.

For those who are a bit forgotten what technical “bun” in a brand new G4, we recall them. Heart is stone Snapdragon 810, which worked perfectly with 4 gigabytes of RAM. 16 megapixel camera will allow to make high-quality images even with large amounts of light in the street, it will be without built-in flash. The gadget can be expected in the second quarter of this year.

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