What will happen with a TouchWiz in the Android L

What will happen with a TouchWiz in the Android L

What will happen with a TouchWiz in the Android L

On October outside, and thus nearing release Android L. In principle, the name of the new version of the green robot – the only things we do not know about it. But “clean» Android – it’s a privilege holders Nexus. Owning a more mass products have to continue to put up with add-ons from the manufacturers. What awaits them after the long-awaited release? The most massive and, accordingly, the well-known shell is TouchWiz from Samsung. On his next appearance, and we have the opportunity to take a look.

In the hands of SamMobile got Samsung Galaxy S5 installed it earlier version of Android L. originally wanted to put the firmware revision of the smartphone to the network, but later found out that it is not suitable for everyday use – too many bugs in it. However, despite the fact that the firmware is at an early stage of testing, we can at least get acquainted with the upcoming changes in TouchWiz.

As you probably know, one of the major innovations in Android L is a new interface design – Material Design, which even won the prestigious award . So then, as manufacturers will follow the new guideline in the design of their proprietary interfaces, is of particular interest.

What did Samsung? At first glance, not much has changed. Predominant in the design of a blue color, familiar to users ever since the Galaxy S2, changed to white. It looks like a bit of an odd choice for AMOLED-display Koreans, but to the eye in any case much nicer.

In contrast to the stock Android, which is available on the lock screen up to four updates, TouchWiz shows a maximum of two. If we remember that in the new OS on lokskrin will fail to install widgets (and, consequently, DashClock ), such changes do not seem to be very successful.

Branded Apps Samsung, such as Dialer, Messages, Clock, Memo and other processed according to the canons Material Design. Although, as noted SamMobile, yet they lack the necessary animation.

On the most important question is “whether the brakes TouchWiz?” Answer yet. At this stage, despite the work at runtime ART, Galaxy S5 running Android L outrageously slow. However, as we said at the beginning, the firmware is at an early stage of testing, so the judge finally on its speed yet.

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