iTraq: new RFID tag that works over a cellular connection

iTraq: new RFID tag that works over a cellular connection

iTraq: new RFID tag that works over a cellular connection

Market RFID and radio beacons, devices to help remember things and find lost quite saturated. Niche almost filled all sorts of radio beacons whose functions are quite similar. Most – work well but only for short distances. RFID tag, for example, can help you quickly find the purse, forgotten in a cafe or a handbag, forgotten at work. But devices that operate at distances greater than 10-60 meters, not so much. iTraq – RFID tag, which can solve the problem of finding and monitoring things at great distances, this device operates over a cellular network.

The principle of operation of the apparatus

RFID has special communication module that works with virtually all cellular networks standards. Therefore, the RFID tag can be found in any country, at any point, where mobile communication. It does not require any work with Bluetooth, or work with GPS.

From the outset, the developers set out the idea of creating a reliable RFID tag, beacon, which will help to find lost or forgotten thing, wherever that may be.

Thanks to good technical training, who participated in the development of the idea has been implemented. As a result of the RFID, several advantages compared with other beacons:

The battery capacity of 2300 mAh enough to operate the device for 3 years;

RFID iTraq compatible with almost all cellular standards;

The device can be attached to a backpack child, put in a purse or keep in the car – the application can find anywhere. Developers also recommend investing in their iTraq luggage to always know where he is.

Size and capabilities

ITraq size close to that of a conventional credit card. The device is a little thicker than a credit card but only slightly.

iTraq: new RFID tag that works over a cellular connection

As for the accuracy of location of the object with the label attached iTraq, it is lower than in the case device positioning by GPS. However, the accuracy of a few meters is sufficient to search for the missing stuff (and, especially, a stolen car).

The energy consumed beacon very sparingly – configuration of the device allows him to give a signal every hour or only a few times a day. All data that come from iTraq, displayed in a preset on your phone or tablet app, or in the user’s account on the manufacturer’s website.

If the user has multiple RFID iTraq, their settings can be changed in the application. In addition, the program shows the battery level of each label, change the location of beacons and more.v

If necessary, you can set the “trespassing.” If an object with iTraq beyond the boundaries of a particular region, on the phone user receives an appropriate signal.

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