New Headphones Philips SHL3300: for DJs and music lovers


The company Philips introduces new headphones SHL3300, tailored to the needs of professional DJs. New product provides powerful bass and high fidelity sound at any volume level. Thanks to a 40-mm emitters headphones with neodymium magnets reproduce clear high frequency combined with deep bass. Every nuance of the sound can be heard clearly at the right time, which is very important to mix tracks, or dive into the music on the go. The device has power 2200mVt for the ultimate sound without distortion at any volume, and regardless of the source.

The closed design model cuts out ambient noise, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the world of music. Adjustable Ear cups and wider headband made of foamed material in combination with a computer breathable ear cushions 95 mm diameter, provide comfort during extended wear. The design of headphone ear cups can be rotated by 165, which is very convenient not only for music listening with one ear while mixing tracks, but also in any other situation when you have to briefly remove the earpiece to hear something important.


Auto Return headphones mechanism leads to its original position after use, and thanks to their compact folding design is very convenient to take the road: thoughtful design and careful selection of components, as well as well-designed joints allow the headphones easy to carry.

The cable length of 1.5 meters makes it possible to move more freely, and its spiral shape allows you to avoid unnecessary tension and clutter. In addition, the cable has a high strength: it is stable to strong jerks and capable of withstanding at least 10,000 flexions.

New Headphones Philips SHL3300 already on sale. The suggested retail price is $ 60.

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