Google makes search more personalized

Some users have long dreamed of the desktop version of Google Now, but the company is in no hurry to its implementation, as it was originally designed for mobile devices. However, in the near future Google will launch an analogue that works in any web browser, including desktop and mobile. Function code-named «Quick Answers» or «Quick Answers” provides a conclusion personalized results on the search page.

For example, the question “When is my flight?», Google will display the exact data about the departure of the aircraft on which the user has a ticket, but only if the data entered into the system. Similarly to the other options queries, including tracking of parcels, booking hotels and restaurant reservations, calendar events, and even search for photos in a personal photo albums.

Moreover, the search engine is configured in such a way that accepts queries in natural language, such as: “What are my plans for tomorrow?”, “My reservation”, “my purchases”, etc. The difference from the Google Now only, the mobile service can provide data that are expected to require a user (weather, for example, or the nearest restaurant), and the “Quick Answers” report is already available in the system information, processing a particular request, even entered in natural language.

A new feature being tested since last year and now she is ready for mass deployment, which at first will happen in the United States. If desired, you can turn off personalized search for personal settings, Google.

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